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4FOOD: the first hub dedicated to agrifood inaugurated in Rome.

The HUB dedicated to Agrifood innovation is born, an "urban" space conceived as an open project, in which innovative startups, companies, professionals and entrepreneurs in the sector participate. The inauguration took place on December 15 in Viale delle Province in Rome. An ambitious project that aims to be a reference point for sector experts. A totally open space where you can meet, discuss and plan together innovative roads for the agrifood sector.

The goal is to start with the Viale delle Province HUB to create a real hub for development and innovation in Agrifood tech in Rome. In this regard, a collaboration is already active with the Sapienza University of Rome and with local and national institutions. "4FOOD is (...) a HUB created to generate dissemination, interaction, comparisons on how technology can support restaurateurs chefs producers to make quality products more accessible and ensure that agri-food production is increasingly sustainable , "These are the words of our CEO Virgilio Maretto.


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