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"Brewing Up a Blockchain Solution for Supply Chain Transparency"

L'MIT Sloan Managment Review has published an article on the case study of Birra Peroni and the traceability of 100% Italian malt. Here are some excerpts:

"When it comes to Birra Peroni, and the 1,500 small farms that produce the barley that goes into its 12 brands of beer, the beer is also a story of Italy and the country’s rich culture, geography, history, and renowned passion for high-quality, fresh food. Capturing and telling all these stories could be done in a documentary, feature fi lm, or co ee-table book. Instead, the nearly 180-year-old beer maker has turned to something decidedly more modern to tell the story of its brand while also ensuring it will meet its supply chain sustainability goals: blockchain."

"Birra Peroni teamed up with Italian agrifood-tech startup pOsti, which had developed a blockchain solution focused on food supply chain transparency."

Il nostro CEO Virgilio Maretto dice:

“A fully automated traceability process was implemented, starting with the acquisition of the information, its registration on the blockchain, and the processing and presentation on the landing page of significant data from the 100% Italian malt supply chain …”

"The solution combines digital and personalized storytelling, created by pOsti using leading-edge user interface and user experience technologies, and EY’s OpsChain Traceability, a blockchain-as-aservice offering that operates on the Ethereum public blockchain."

"Birra Peroni, pOsti, and EY have begun collaborating on a pilot system involving six farms. These six were selected because they’re more technologically advanced in their use of precision farming systems that predict crop needs based on satellite imagery and weather information. Using this information, in addition to a decision support system, farmers can adjust their water and fuel use, fertilization practices, and other farming methodologies to optimize resource usage and crop health."

Download PDF • 6.26MB


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