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Traceability and Agrifood: Agriculture 4.0

The latest report released by the Smart Agrifood Observatory focussed on agriculture 4.0 and its innovation. Among the topics included in the report, those of our interest refer to the evolution of the agrifood sector and the role of the digital in food traceability.

Digital for food traceability The report shows that food traceability is undoubtedly one of the sectors where digital technology is most used (89% of the sample). The digital is considered both a support tool and a principle, which rises to the top of investment preferences. The latest data collected shows the importance of platforms for sharing supply chain data, with an increase of more than 60% compared to the previous year. Among the innovative technologies, we find the Blockchain (+59). Allowing the final consumer to visualise the steps of production and the agrifood chain means not only making him participate in the entire production process but also creating a relationship of trust and knowledge. Blockchain in agrifood The agrifood sector is confirmed as the third sector by number of Blockchain projects internationally, equivalent to 7% of the 1,242 initiatives mapped. Blockchain is the technology behind Bitcoin, Ethereum and other platforms, where distributed ledger is structured as a blockchain containing transactions. It is part of the broader family of Distributed Ledger technologies; usually, the word Blockchain refers to solutions without permission. It is considered a transparent and reliable tool. The data it records is immutable. We, every year, take a look at this data that we accompany in structuring increasingly business-oriented services. For us, data tracking is only the first step. The basic element that must then be communicated to the curator with easy-to-use and personalised experiences.


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